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7 Ways to Get An Internship in High School: A How-To Guide

Published on March 25, 2022

blog Internship

7 Ways to Get An Internship in High School: A How-To Guide

While internships are usually seen as something exclusive to college students, taking on internships in high school has tons of benefits. Not only do they make your college applications stand out, they also give you a headstart in your career by providing you with hands-on industry knowledge and networking opportunities at an early age.

So far, high school internships haven’t been too big of a fad in India. However, that is rapidly starting to change, and you should hop on the bandwagon before the rest of the crowd!

Wondering how to get an internship in high school? Here are 7 ways you can find and land on your dream internship:

1. Family and Relatives

Before you start hunting far and beyond, why not take a look at the contacts you already have? Your family is not only the people you love, but also the first level of networking you receive right when you are born! And chances are, someone from your family or relatives may already have connections with organizations looking for young and fresh perspectives. And if so, they may just be willing to have you on!

2. Guidance Counselor

If your school has a guidance counselor, your second course of action should definitely be to reach out to them. Guidance counselors have an abundance of resources available with them, and they are trained in gauging your aptitude and interests, and subsequently recommending the best resources and courses of actions you can pursue.

3. Cold Mailing

The tried and tested method. If you have organizations in your mind that you really want to be a part of, why not drop them a good (c)old email? For maximum success, you must follow proper email etiquette, convince them of your candidature in limited space, and assume a formal tone. Attaching a detailed resume and portfolio can only improve your chances!

While wait times can be uncertain with this method, the advantage of cold mailing is that you get to aim for the organization as well as the position that you desire. Most organizations will already have a contact email provided on their website. But If you wish to be even more thorough, you can create a Linkedin account, and look for the profiles of the CEO or HR management of your preferred organization. Chances are, they would have provided their own email addresses for you to write to! 

4. Summer Programs that offer Guaranteed Internships

Summer Programs for high school students are usually sessions to train students in theoretical aspects of certain subjects. However, some programs take it a step further and offer guaranteed internships for their students to apply their theoretical learnings in a practical and high-stakes environment.

Our Ivy Early Entrepreneur program, offered in collaboration with mentors who are Ivy League alumni and industry leaders, trains high school students for a week in crucial aspects of entrepreneurship – like design thinking, market research and fundraising. This is followed by a guaranteed 2-3 month internship with our mentors and partner firms, where students get invaluable experience as budding entrepreneurs.

5. Online Platforms

There are various websites on the internet that compile or offer internships and programmes for high school students. Websites like Internshala compile internship opportunities from a wide range of employees. Other websites such as Henry Harvin conduct training and internships targeted at high schoolers, and offer certification for the same.

6. Research Institutes

While these are not “internships” in the strictest sense of the word, several leading research institutes hold rigorous programmes where high school students get practical experience in the application of science and mathematics fields. A few such programmes include PROMYS (Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists) to be held in Ashoka University from 2023.

Our Program, Build Robots That Matter (in collaboration with Makers’ Asylum) teaches students to build robots that align with the United Nations’ Sustainability Goals. Provided with a free toolkit, students develop their inner maker while being conscious of the environment.

7. NGO Organizations

Several Non-Governmental Organizations across India offer internship and volunteer opportunities to high school students. While these options may not always be paid, they allow you to give back to the marginalized sections of society, and let you connect with people from many diverse communities. 

A few NGOs where you can try your hand include Smile Foundation and Child Rights & You(CRY), which benefit lakhs of children; HelpAge India, which helps senior citizens; and CARE India, which focuses on ending poverty and social injustice.


So while high school internships are a relatively new idea in India, there are more than a few reasons to try landing one for yourself. The effort you put in now is sure to pay dividends later, in college as well as your career!

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