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What we do?

The Big Red Group is an education firm based in India that hopes to build, assist, and help young students. We go beyond the formal education by providing foundational skills critical for personal growth. We facilitate students to think, communicate, collaborate and eventually lead.

Our Programs

The Big Red Group is a company focused at providing the best academic/non academic programs to our students. It also focuses on the best athletes around the country who would like to go to a US college through their athletic ability. Whether its personalised mentoring for high achievers or leadership courses that help you channelise your passion, the Big Red Group has something to offer to all its students.


Undergraduate Counseling/Mentorship

The mentoring at The Big Red Group is designed for students from grade 9-12. Our focus is to enhance and develop unique characteristics in each student according to their own strengths and weaknesses. We help and nurture those qualities at their nascent stage and make sure that the student does not only focus on the college applications but also build their character.


Educational Workshops

One of the main verticals of our company is to bring in top universities abroad to India with educational programs and workshops. Such programs give an opportunity to students to learn, grow and get motivated from counsellors coming from the best universities of the world.


Student Athlete management

If you are a student athlete wanting to continue playing sports in college, then you have come to the right place. Whether you dream on going professional or just want to play for your school team for fun, here at The Big Red Group we help you find the right school which overall fits you best.

Sports development for schools

Sporting infrastructure and curriculum are an integral part of any school. We help both the student and schools to enhance their capabilities by providing them with world class infrastructure and sporting regime that helps them produce better athletes and motivated individuals.


Our Acceptances


Partner Schools in India

Schools are our biggest impact partners around the country. Through our proprietary programs and mentoring services, we have partnered with some of the top schools in the country like Mayo College, Ajmer, Heritage Xperiential Learning School, Genesis Global School to name a few.



Children Mentored

Through our experiential programs like the Harvard - Youth Lead the Change, Ivy League Summit and personalised mentoring, we have guided thousands of students.



Universities Represented

Our passionate students have made us proud by getting selected in some of the top universities around the world. Some of them include University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, Harvard University and University of Oxford.

Anish Mehra - UC Berkeley

October 2017

“BRG was THE resource for me. I received constant and personalised feedback on every aspect of my application. No matter how big or small a problem seemed, I never hesitated to contact my counselor who helped me succeed in high school.”