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Internships For High School Students: Benefits and Guide

Published on June 24, 2021

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Internships For High School Students: Benefits and Guide

For high school students, finding internships can be a daunting task.. Wait, is it even possible to get an internship without any prior job experience? Yes, indeed, it is!

For high school students, finding internships can be a daunting task.. Wait, is it even possible to get an internship without any prior job experience? Yes, indeed, it is!

Several companies and organizations provide internships to high school students, even those who do not have much experience.

However, do internships help you? Are they worth the effort and energy? Let’s take a look at how internships benefit you and how you can score them as well!

Internship For High School Students & Their Benefits:

  1. Internships add a lot more significance to your college application because it showcases your work ethic and determination to get tasks done.

  2. Paid internships are also a great way for students to earn along with studying. NGOs hire student interns and volunteers as well.

  3. Heard of “Remote internships” yet? Remote internships help you build essential personality traits such as self-discipline and self-motivation. Online internships for high school students are offered by a variety of companies to help students develop planning, execution, and organizational skills.

  4. High school internships give you a brief introduction and peeks into what your career might look like in the future.

  5. In case you are not sure about your career choice, you can explore different career paths through internships.

  6. Interning will also give you an insight into the lifestyle of your employers and how your future might look working in the same field.

  7. It helps you learn several essential skills like time management, communication skills and how to work in a team.

  8. Internships are a more productive way to utilise your time, therefore they are best suited for summer breaks and term breaks.

In short, internships are incredibly beneficial, not just for your college application but for your growth as well.

The main question is how to get those internships. Here is a short guide to doing so,

  1. Do your research- The most crucial step is to do your research, figure out where your interests lie, find companies that work towards a similar goal or in a similar field. Students can ask their teachers for help as well.

  2. Update/Build your resume- Having a resume as a high school student might sound odd, but you must have an overview before applying for internships. However, if you cannot find anything to put in the resume, do not send a blank pdf with just your name and school. Make sure the resume or application reflects your personality.

  3. Mail the companies- Often, companies do not have internship application forms on their website. This is why you must email them. If they have internship forms on their website, you can apply through that. However, that is not always the case. In such cases, you can send them an email. The email must include your name, education, a brief introduction (like your interest, hobbies, etc.), your resume, the position you want to apply for, or the field you want to work in (for example, graphic designing, content creation, marketing, etc.) Apart from this, there are several other sites and apps which help you come in contact with the companies for internships, like Intershala, Glassdoor, etc.

Overall, it might be troublesome to find internships or companies that accept high school students as interns. However, it is achievable. These three steps are just the umbrella steps for the entire application process.

Just remember not to take too much pressure or you will burn yourself out!

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