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How Internship Can Help Your Future

Published on September 17, 2020

blog Internship

How Internship Can Help Your Future

Think about starting a new job without knowing the first thing about what you will be doing. Now imagine a position where you have had an opportunity to work in the field and gain firsthand knowledge.

Think about starting a new job without knowing the first thing about what you will be doing.  Now imagine a position where you have had an opportunity to work in the field and gain firsthand knowledge.  That is what an internship can do for you.

Finding an internship means that you will get to work in the field and learn on the job from someone who already has experience.

Real-Life Experience

An internship means that you can get some real-life experience in your chosen field.  Gaining this experience gives you a chance to build your skill set, gain knowledge, and use the theoretical practice you have been studying.  Education and knowledge are two different things.  In essence, you get an education to go out into the work world, and once out in the work world, you gain your knowledge.

An internship can give you a feel for what a particular job is like and whether you enjoy it.  It allows you to work in an industry or at a company to get a sense of whether it is a good fit for you.

If it does not turn out to be a fit, you have still gained experience doing something new, which is beneficial.  It is even more useful if you can get an internship in a new environment.  Moving to a new community means that you will be gaining exposure to new people and possibly new surroundings.

An internship will give you some experience in the professional world without the same stress and pressure associated with a full-time career.

Opportunity For Self-Introspection

Doing something out of your everyday routine will also give you the chance to learn more about yourself.  Working in a new environment will enable you to learn about your goals and ambitions and reach them.

An internship also helps you to determine if you are on the right career path.  Sometimes you may have an idea in mind of what you want to do, but when you get there, your expectations are not met.

Doing an internship allows you to decide if you have made the right career choice or if there may be something more suited to your abilities and interests.

Develop Your Professional Network

Maybe you will love your internship and be happy with the choices you have made.  Even before you finish school, working in the field will help you build your network and mingle with others in the profession.

Networking is an essential step in the career world.  When you do an internship, try to meet as many people as possible and always act professionally.  You never know who you may encounter and how it could help to advance your future career. 

Make Your Name Known

When you have the opportunity to do an internship, it is putting your name out there.  Having your name known is an excellent way to ensure that you get past the first step when applying for jobs in the future.

When a company receives resumes for a posting, they need a process to weed them out and only look at the best.  If you have an opportunity to make your name known ahead of time, this will help when it is time to submit applications for jobs.

Often, the person who is screening the resumes will look to experience to see what you have to offer in the field and how much practical experience you have.  Even if you are new to the job search, if you have had an internship, it means you have experience!

 You can highlight what tasks and projects you did as an intern and how you can offer value to the company on your resume.

The Transition

It can be hard to gain employment immediately, but being an intern gives you a head start.  Companies will often hire interns in the future for full-time postings.

The company has already invested in you, so if you show that you are capable and indispensable, you may get a permanent job following the internship.

Professional Feedback

Doing an internship is also a great way to gain some feedback on your performance.  Though you will learn theory in the classroom, it is different than applying it to real-life situations.

Take constructive criticism and learn from it so that you can improve your skills for your current and future endeavours.  If you are open and willing to learn, you will gain a lot from participating in an internship.

You will gain experience in the industry, and you will learn how to be better.  Working gives you an advantage over people who have not taken part in an internship opportunity.

The Impact

Having an internship will have a significant impact on your future career.  If it is not a paid internship, you still get the experience and other benefits.  If paid, it allows you to use the money to further your learning through professional development opportunities.

Do not discount an internship if it does not pay; the long term payoff is what you seek.  And any experience that you can get will look great on your resume.

The India Skills Report 2019 states, “Internship is not the only factor that determines employability, but it is a critical factor.”

The report discusses the importance of being able to unlearn some things and then re-learn them.  It will be an essential skill to keep updated on the latest developments in the chosen field.  Being an intern can help to teach this skill much more effectively than classroom learning.

The Bottom Line

Taking an internship will help you to achieve your goals and reach your highest potential!

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