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How to Develop Leadership Skills As a Student

Published on May 6, 2021

blog Leadership

How to Develop Leadership Skills As a Student

Barack Obama, Narendra Modi, Malala Yousafzai , Elon Musk and countless others who are known for their success in their respective domains have one thing in common, Leadership.


Barack Obama, Narendra Modi, Malala Yousafzai , Elon Musk and countless others who are known for their success in their respective domains have one thing in common, Leadership. These people did not follow the herd rather made a mark by their strong leadership qualities. And you know what? Take a good look at yourself. You, too, have the ability to be a leader. Continue reading to learn how to improve the leadership skills you need.

In today’s highly competitive environment, leadership has become an important 21’st century skill for anyone hoping to succeed. Leadership skills become the benchmark in every industry to seek growth opportunities and succeed.

Here are a few skills an effective leader must possess:

The first step of becoming a young leader starts with school. School or college can be one of the best places to gain the toolkit to bring out change in the world with your fresh perspective and new ideas. In today’s education model, we have multiple Leadership development programs that act as a stepping stone for young kids to get into the right direction and to create a whole new generation of achievers.

Ways to Improve leadership skills as a student:

You, as a student, must be flexible to learn and acquire skills to become the best versions of yourself. Students’ life plays a major role in chalking out what kind of person you will become. Here are a few ways to become the role models you’ve had for yourself.

  1. Join a club : Involvement & Effective communication is one of the key aspects of a leader. It helps you indulge with people and make your voice heard even in a group, what it takes to be a changemaker.

  2. Become a Learner : As John F. Kennedy once said, “ Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” One who is ready to learn always has more experience and can face any challenge with confidence and determination. Learn wherever you can may be from a teacher, education consultant or a fellow student.

  3. Start your passion Project : Your formative years are the perfect time to experiment with your ideas and passion. Leadership for you should start with making mistakes and learning from them. A passion project is something where you can explore your ideas and understand your strengths & weaknesses.

  4. Extracurricular Activities: Extracurricular activities give you the opportunity to lead and fuel your desire to stand out. Sports activity or group activities in the class can be a great place to take charge and be innovative.

  5. Enrolling in Leadership Development programs: There are various Leadership development programs in India which are great places to indulge with qualified professionals who can help you define a purpose and educate you to reach your full potential. A good education consultant or counsellor can tap into your potential and push you in the right direction.

All of the above pointers can help you learn and upscale your leadership skills. However, choosing the right one can be tricky. The best way to do so is to participate in and try as many activities as possible. That’s why, The Big Red Group has joined hands with World’s top universities like Harvard University, Ivy League, Cornell University, and many more, to design leadership programs. Our Youth Lead the Change Program is driven by Harvard Alumni along with 1- Year free mentorship. What are you waiting for then? Are you ready to begin your leadership journey as a leader?

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