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How The Pandemic Can Boost Your College Applications!

Published on January 4, 2021

blog Higher Education

How The Pandemic Can Boost Your College Applications!

It is safe to mention that the pandemic has undoubtedly reshaped the manner in which colleges look at the application process. However, in instances like this, it is natural to overlook the benefits this situation has brought to us.

It is safe to mention that the pandemic has undoubtedly reshaped the manner in which colleges look at the application process. However, in instances like this, it is natural to overlook the benefits this situation has brought to us. Having to juggle Senior school classes alongside a very vigorous college application process places an inconceivable weight on young shoulders.

Furthermore, this could naturally be demotivating for a lot of graduating students who had been preparing for university in advance and are now having to face unprecedented challenges.

The good news: “Faculties are going to be far more flexible this year,” says Todd Rinehart, president of the National Association for College Admissions Counseling.

Here are a few pointers that will help you use this last-minute ‘extrade of rules’ to your advantage.

1. Most Indian Universities Have A Merit-Based Admissions Criteria

In the race of bagging accolades to their name so as to qualify for certain colleges that require a high standing in these non-academic features along with high grades on a student’s application, a primary factor that numerous college students lose track of is if you’re aiming to get into an Indian University, you aren’t required to provide your extracurricular activities (ECA) certificates at the time of your admission. This fact should be taken into account, provided that a big number of students who had initially been intending to study overseas are opting to stay in India for their undergraduate studies.

2. Most Universities Have Become SAT-Optional Or SAT-Blind

Not too long ago, the College Board, conductor of the Scholastic Aptitude Test, announced that keeping the pandemic in mind, the universities would most likely not give the same weight it did to the aptitude tests, earlier. They have asked colleges to extend score deadlines for early action and early decision to take some pressure off students and give them more time to test and send their scores. Additionally, they’ve requested colleges to recognize that students who do submit scores might not have been able to test more than once. (e.g., taking into account that students who tested as high school juniors but who could not as seniors would have likely achieved score gains). Additionally, The University of California and several other universities formally declared their admission process to be SAT blind, i.e. applications containing SAT scores would no longer be favored.

3. More Number Of Opportunities Online

When seeking to boost our university applications, we generally tend to search for any and every volunteering, internship, and/or conference opportunity to participate in. Luckily, this pandemic has taken all of these activities and much more online! Reputed organizations are starting to arrange and conduct their conferences, seminars, and debates virtually, thereby giving us the upper hand through having the ability to participate in more activities than we might otherwise have in an offline environment. The price and inconvenience of moving to another city or country has been absolutely wiped out and you can still get a legitimate certificate sent to your doorstep.

4. There Is No Better Time To Explain A Gap Year!

Earlier, Gap years used to be a hush-hush topic, almost a taboo, amongst graduating students. However, this year has seen more students deciding to take a gap year than any other before. Be it your mental health, indecision regarding your field of higher studies, financial difficulties, or just an urge to take a break — this year has got your back! Your reasons for taking a gap year, the projects you undertook and how you learnt through the process is not only going to be easier to work out but also more legitimate and generally accepted on your college application now than it used to be.

Several important factors like colleges’ refusal to reduce tuition fees even though education has transitioned onto the online platform, constant and spontaneous travel bans, and the uncertainty of health at this time have put parents under pressure as well. Sending off their loved ones in these distressing times can be extremely difficult. Taking a step back to reflect on some of these points could help ease that stress! Remember, no application is more important than you are.

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