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5 Reasons to join Harvard Leadership Program!

Published on April 19, 2022

blog Harvard Leadership

5 Reasons to join Harvard Leadership Program!

1. Learn from young & relatable mentors that treat you as their Equals!

Meet Sara Dahiya!

Sara participated as a high schooler in YLC in June 2019. Under delicate guidance from YLC mentors, she worked on The Patchwork Project, a social change project on Disability Awareness, which was implemented in 2 schools.

Her experiences and certification as a Harvard Youth Leader helped her immensely in her college applications, landing her not only a seat as a Harvard UG student in 2021, but also a mentorship position for Harvard YLC Jan 2022!

Sara Dahiya – from YLC participant to Harvard University student and mentor! 

Sara as a Trainee at YLC 2019

Sara as a Mentor at YLC 2022

Harvard YLC features mentors like Sara that have garnered invaluable experience and training at a young age, and know what it takes to implement social change. But at the same time, they know what it is like to be high schoolers in the 21st century!

YLC Mentors will treat you not as blank canvases waiting to be filled, but as bright youngsters with insightful perspectives of their own, that is just waiting to be realized by the rest of the world.

2. Garner admission in top universities across the world!

Harvard YLC features dedicated college panels – which are sessions where our Ivy League mentors give you the tried-and-tested hacks and tips on how to crack into your dream universities. Students get to ask their doubts and receive expert answers on the spot!

Sara isn’t our only alumni that has found a place in a top University; The experiences and certification gained by our students at YLC gives them an edge in their college applications, garnering them seats in the universities of their dreams!

3. Create your Social Change Project!

Like Sara, all of our students work on a social change project during YLC, in which they tackle problems faced in their communities and lives. Several groups take these projects forward and beyond YLC, developing them into full-fledged realities!

Case in point – Project Drakht!

Taahira and Sia, founders of Project Drakht

Sia interviewing villagers from Ferozepur Meo

Started by Taahira Bhalla and Sia Bishnoi of The Shri Ram School, Moulsari – both from YLC 2016 – Project Drakht was set up to provide Ferozepur Meo, an underprivileged village in Haryana, with access to clean water.

They first pitched their idea during the conference, and after it received considerable attention and support, the duo implemented it. Project Drakht ultimately helped nearly 2,200 people from 300 families and is just one example of how you can turn your budding ideas into full-fledged social change at Harvard YLC!

4. Meet a diverse group of students from all over the world!

Since 2008, YLC has seen participation of students from all across the world, including from cities like Tokyo, Boston, Beijing, San Juan, Yangon, San Francisco and many more! Our diverse students each bring various ideas and perspectives to the YLC conference, waiting to mingle with each other and produce something impactful!

5. Participate in thought-provoking activities!

Leadership isn’t a rigid concept; it is an ever-evolving idea that means different things to different people. And as such, it can’t be taught through rote teaching and memorizing. That is why YLC is intent on not feeding you information, but invigorating your unique thought process. And our mentors do it through a ton of out-of-the-box activities! 

Some of our activities include Snap to a Story, Cold-Calling, Letters to Your Future Self, and many more!

So what are you waiting for? Apply now to learn with students from Shiv Nadar School, The Shri Ram Schools, Vasant Valley, The British School and more!

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