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10 Reasons Why You Need to Participate in a Model UN Conference

Published on October 22, 2021


10 Reasons Why You Need to Participate in a Model UN Conference

What Is An MUN?

To begin with the basics,  a Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of a real United Nations convention in which students are entrusted with researching, writing, lobbying, and debating a suitable resolution to a global issue. Students assume the roles of delegates, presenters, and chairmen, representing various nations, and collaborate with students from all backgrounds to participate in conversations and find a solution to the agenda they are given.  The agendas or themes addressed at MUNs are a reflection of real-world concerns discussed at the United Nations, and vary from broad topics like religious minority’ rights to specialised topics like improving nuclear plant disaster precautions. Through these dynamic conferences you can harness not one but several of your skills. Some of which are as follows: 

1. Expert On Global Issues

Keeping up with current events by reading news articles or watching television news programmes can be tedious at times. When you represent a nation at a ‘global’ level and engage with delegates from other countries, your understanding of the globe greatly grows. As a delegate, you are expected to conduct extensive study on your assigned nations, analysing and comprehending their foreign policies and determining which variables could impact the country’s international behaviour. Not only this, but students also grow knowledge on the local issues of various countries and cultivate into empathetic adults. This prepares them to tackle problems as well as build a strong EQ at an early age.

2. Surge In Overall Confidence

Meeting new people, engaging with new faces, working in teams to create resolutions, and expressing oneself confidently are all part of an MUN. The entire experience will increase your confidence. From the preparation for the MUN to the deliberations, arguments, and solutions made at the conference. You will feel much more at ease dealing with new people and expressing yourself freely after participating in the same. The confidence you’ll earn will aid you in future conversations where you’ll be required to explain yourself under duress. Hence, attending the MUN hosted in India by The Big Red group might be your first step towards this exciting journey. 

3. Expert Problem Solving Skills

The MUN is focused on problem-solving abilities at its heart, since it positions you at the core of an organisation tasked with resolving global concerns.  Thus, problem-solving is an art that you will get to refine from the start of the MUN, by understanding how to identify the critical components of a theme, evaluating factors to consider while contemplating on a solution, and placing it all together to come up with a final negotiated settlement that is acceptable to all parties involved.

4. Logical Thinking

Insightful analytical skills can help you overcome difficulties via analysis at any stage of life in any vocation. The MUN is an excellent place to practise analytical abilities because you will be challenged and expected to solve the issue after considering the apprehensions of other countries, previous precedents, and viable solutions in a simulated environment.

5. Young Professional Diplomat

Diplomacy, or the art of negotiation, is a tremendously useful talent to have because it applies to any meaningful interaction between the two parties, not only conversations between two countries. You will gain more training and information on how to conduct diplomatic negotiations between subgroups in a polite and result-oriented manner by participating in MUNs. Students interested in becoming professional diplomats can practise and groom themselves for the industry by participating in Model United Nations, which are a good demonstration of the lives and work of professional ambassadors.

6. Negotiation Skills

The importance of health cannot be overstated. With the obvious workload of running a fledgling start-up  comes the added buIn these conferences, students learn how to negotiate, argue, and achieve a consensus. Each student, while portraying a nation, needs to stay true to the sentiments and political stances of that country. They  must collaborate to provide answers to global issues while remaining compliant with their country’s policies. This requires good negotiation skills that you can only polish further by practicing. And for High School students, an Model UN conference might just be the best place to meet like minded people who want to learn the same skills as you. rden of hopes, aspirations and expectations of many. All this can create a very  stressful environment that has the potential to impact your health adversely. But remember, your health  is what is keeping everything afloat. Take care of your health and everything else will take care of itself.  Eat healthily, take time-offs, exercise regularly, and meditate.

7. Effective Communication Skills

It takes practice to develop effective communication skills, and MUNs are an excellent place to test and improve your abilities. You get a chance to voice your opinions and discuss them before an assembly. Because you’ll be giving several presentations throughout the MUN, you’ll have plenty of chances to hone your public speaking skills. After successful workshops on communication, The Big Red group’s MUN will help you refine your communication skills even further. 

8. Early Network Building

Attending a MUN is a great way to meet new people, network, and develop connections that will help you later on. You’ll meet fellow delegates, senior participants, organisers, co-sponsors, judges, and event chairmen at a MUN. You can expand your network for future usage by making new contacts and meeting potential mentors.

9. Professional Writing Skills

There is a hefty amount of writing involved at MUNs, including writing for speeches, writing position papers on the topic given for resolution, possible amendments, and finally, writing the resolution itself. It is different from the writing that one does in High School as it is much more formal and requires creativity. Each document that you present will require hardcore research and analysis that will prepare you for writing much longer documents and assignments at university. 

10. Boosting College Applications

MUNs are known for their excellent caliber, professional integrity, and varying degrees of difficulty, and participation in one will help you stand out when applying to colleges and/or jobs. Students who have participated in Model United Nations have been reported to receive preferential treatment from top Ivy League universities such as Yale and Harvard.

Even Indian universities (such as Liberal Arts colleges) are starting to use profile-based admissions, which give extra-curricular activities a lot of weight. Admissions committees and job recruiters look for candidates who have discipline, assertiveness, strong analytical, and problem-solving skills, all of which are demonstrated via MUN participation.

All in all, attending your first MUN in India might just be your door to success in many different arenas. All you have to do is register yourself for the biggest upcoming conference in Asia to get started!

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