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Your Complete Guide to High-School Summer Internships

Published on June 30, 2022


Your Complete Guide to High-School Summer Internships

Summer break is finally here! With school work taking a backseat, it is the perfect time for you to explore your passions and up-skill! And what better way to do that than an internship?

Now some may ask, Internships in high school?! Won’t most organisations prefer college candidates? 

Nope! that is just an age old myth! Interns today are hired by their passion and willingness to work. You just have to dig and find the right one for you! 

Here is why you should be looking to do internships this summer-

  • Internships boost your college application as they showcase your work ethic and determination to get tasks done.
  • Internships not only help you identify what you want to do in your future career, but also what you DON’T want to do.
  • Internships let you meet and network with various professionals who can guide and assist you with your career.

(Read more about internship benefits here!)

And now for the big question – how do you land an internship? Turns out, there are more ways than one!

1. Family and Relatives

Your family is not only the people you love, but also the first level of networking you receive right when you are born! And chances are, someone from your family or relatives may already have connections with organizations looking for young and fresh perspectives. And if so, they may just be willing to have you on!

2. Cold Mailing

The tried and tested method! If you have organisations in your mind that you really want to be a part of, why not drop them a good (c)old email? For maximum success, you must follow proper email etiquette and convince them of your candidature in limited space. Attaching a detailed resume and portfolio can only improve your chances!

While wait times can be uncertain with this method, the advantage of cold mailing is that you get to aim for the organization as well as the position that you desire. Most organizations will already have a contact email provided on their website. But If you wish to be even more thorough, you can create a Linkedin account, and look for the profiles of the CEO or HR management of your preferred organization. Chances are, they would have provided their own email addresses for you to write to!

3. Summer Programs that offer Guaranteed Internships

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While most Summer Programs usually train you in theoretical aspects, some programs take it a step further and offer you guaranteed internships to apply your learnings in a practical environment. 

For example, Ivy Early Entrepreneur, taught by real-life successful entrepreneurs, trains high school students like you for a week in crucial aspects of entrepreneurship. This is followed by a guaranteed 2-3 month internship with leading firms, where you get invaluable experience as a budding entrepreneur.

Similarly, Business of Sports 101 – offered in partnership with Deakin University and Rajasthan Royals – teaches you the essentials of sports business and concludes with a chance to work on a live project with Rajasthan Royals!

4. Online Platforms

There are various websites on the internet that compile or offer internships and programmes for high school students. Websites like Internshala compile internship opportunities from a wide range of employees.

5. NGO Organisations

Several Non-Governmental Organizations across India offer internship and volunteer opportunities to high school students. While these options may not always be paid, they allow you to give back to the marginalized sections of society. A few NGOs where you can try your hand include Smile Foundation, Child Rights & You(CRY), HelpAge India and CARE India.

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