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Why Students Need to Code

Published on September 17, 2020

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Why Students Need to Code

We hear a lot about coding these days, but what is it? And why is it so important? Coding is computer programming.

We hear a lot about coding these days, but what is it?  And why is it so important?  Coding is computer programming. It is becoming more critical for you to learn some of these skills to be successful in many different modern industries.  Learning to code does not necessarily mean you have to go into a computer science-related field; it is a skill that will carry over into many different occupations.

A Head Start

Children as young as five-years-old can start learning to code.  Young children learn how to code through gamified experiences.  Starting to code is vital for more than just preparing you for careers.  Computer language is in many facets of our lives.  You will find it in education, social media, shopping, banking, and in your home.  Computers on a network can control our lighting, thermostats, and entertainment.

Learning how computers work and how we engage with them is essential.  Since such young children can learn to code, if you have not started yet, it is the time!

Develop Problem Solving And Computational Thinking Skills

You will learn new ways of thinking and be at the forefront when it comes to problem-solving.  Even if you do not understand the terms used to describe what you are doing, you will understand the concept.

When you are learning to code, you are learning the best way to solve problems.  It is crucial to have a framework from which to work.  Here is a simple one that you can follow:

  • Understand – It seems simple, but many people struggle with problems because they do not understand what the problem is.

To determine if you understand what the problem is and what kind of answer you seek, you must be able to pose the question in plain English.  If you can explain what the question asks, you know what you are looking for in terms of a solution.

  • Plan – It is essential to make a plan that will help you come up with the solution.  Write down the steps you will take and follow them in a logical order.  Making a plan gives you time to allow your brain to analyse and process before setting to work.

  • Divide – A big problem can seem like a daunting task.  Divide your problem into smaller ones to complete.  Solving the smaller problems and putting all of the pieces together will get you to the end goal.

Coding Is Fun

Aside from providing practical skills, coding is also a lot of fun.  It is used to create games and animations.  You will enjoy these learning experiences and gain important skills at the same time.

When you learn a computer language and see it work, it is neat to see your capabilities.  You enter a line of code, see something specific happen in the console, and know that the computer did what you asked it to do.

Develop Resilience

Another vital skill that comes from learning to code is the development of resiliency.  It is not often that your code will work the first time.  Half the fun of coding is going back and figuring out where the error is and how to fix it.

Developing resiliency means that when you encounter a difficult problem, you will go back to your skillset and figure out how to solve it.  Finding the errors and correcting them so that the code works is part of the fun.

It teaches you to learn from your mistakes and take time to figure out what mistake was made.  Learning from mistakes is an important life skill – not just one used in computer programming.

Thinking Outside The Box

Learning to code helps to teach you how to think differently.  It teaches you to take large problems and break them down into smaller, more manageable ones.  Computational thinking skills are highly sought after in the work field.

Coding helps teach you to take an idea that may seem vague, add some creative flair, and turn it into something practical.  You also learn that if the first idea does not work, you need to try something else.

Expand Creativity

Learning to think like a computer programmer helps to make you more creative.  You are always seeking innovative solutions to problems and seeing which one will work.  It encourages experimentation and helps to gain confidence.

It is vital to feel motivated when you are learning new skills.  When you are coding, you can see the results of your work along the way, encouraging you to keep going!  These are skills that are sought after in the workforce.

The Software Industry Needs Skilled Workers

Computer programming is not the only reason you should learn to code though there is a need for skilled workers in the software industry.  Experienced programmers are in demand. Learning even a little bit of coding will give you an edge when it comes to employment opportunities.

Because there is a demand for software engineers, the salary is usually substantial for those prepared to work in the field.

Have Fun With Math

You may find math and working with numbers boring.  Learning to code can make math fun for even the most reluctant learner.  You can improve math skills when you learn to code, and you will be having so much fun you won’t even realize that you are learning.

Coding requires the use of logic and calculation skills.  You will be using these skills to create something of your own.


What Employers Seek

Coding teaches more than just the basics of computer programming.  It enhances the kinds of skills you need to be successful in the workforce.  Employers seek people with specific skills. Some of these skills are further developed when you learn to code.

·       Problem-solving ability

·       Motivation to solve a problem

·       Higher-level mathematical thinking

·       Computer skills

·       Ability to work alone or on a team

·       Critical Thinking

·       Self-esteem and confidence while doing the job

·       Creative thinking

·       Increased resilience when face with challenges

·       Better reasoning, organisation, and planning skills

·       Ability to seek and find information

Learning to code provides you with the skill set you will need to succeed in the ever-changing and advancing world.

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