Undergraduate Admission Mentorship


The mentoring at The Big Red Group is designed for students from grade 9-12. Our focus is to enhance and develop unique characteristics in each student according to their own strengths and weaknesses. We all possess that special quality that universities find  intriguing. We help and nurture those qualities at their nascent stage and make sure that the student does not only focus on the college applications but also build their character. Our students get help from their freshman year in high school till they finish their applications. Through this tedious process, we make sure that the student remains committed and focused and is aligned with his academic as well as extra curricular pursuits outside of his school.

Here are some of the areas we cover:

  • Personality assessment test/Psychometric test for career path selection

  • Assistance with standardised test (SAT/ ACT) planning

  • Guidance on course & program selection

  • Assistance with finalising a college list

  • Focus on resume and profile building

  • Brainstorming, ideating, and editing essays for college applications

  • Assistance with building verbal & written communication skills

  • Creating timelines and deadlines for applications

  • Preparation for admissions and alumni interviews

  • Guidance on financial aid and scholarships


Our college admission application process consist of the following 5 steps:

STEP 1: University and Program Selection

The university selection process begins with identifying the applicant’s strengths and their more broader goals in life. We then match this to the DNA of the university. Looking at the applications strengths and weaknesses, we prepare a list of “Dreams”, “Target”, and “Safety” colleges for them. This ensures that each student gets an opportunity to apply to their desired college and at the same time gets a lot more options to choose from the list of options presented to them.

STEP 2: Essays/Test/ Recommendation - Preparation:

We work on the profile of the student through the entire course of our mentorship. Whether its working on time management with our students, helping them choose between the SAT or ACT, making sure their research papers and projects are in line with their passion, and many other requirements through the course of our mentorship program. Our team of experts work on essay writing skills of the student so that their statement of purpose and college essays convey the right story in the perfect format.

STEP 3: Scholarships

We understand that a college education is expensive and we make sure that we help students and their families in every way to navigate through the complex process of college scholarships. Colleges generally give aid based on the financial position of the family and sometimes on merit, athletic and extra-curricular proficiency as well. Generally, one can apply directly through the university for aid or approach external organisations/foundations that fund various Indian students according to their profile and if they fit the scholarships criteria. 

STEP 5: Post Selection Counselling

We take students through a full one day seminar teaching them the nuances of college life, how to work around the academic pressures and specifically what resources are available at the students disposal to lead a better and more focused life in college.

Why us?


2 years of one-on-one mentoring

In our 2 years of one-on-one sessions with the student/athlete, we carry out rigorous goal setting sessions and monitor them in order to extract the best out of the child and unveil their true potential. We keep a tab on their performance through weekly meetings/phone calls/skype calls, guiding them through the recruitment process.

We help you get scholarships

We offer a list of colleges based on the field of study and that offer scholarships to student/athlete through the entire application process.


Highly Customized Mentoring

We do not use any standardised templets to work with you. For us, every student and every program us unique. We help you deliver a very specific application for every university that you would apply to. That ensures success!

Admission into top colleges

For most students and athletes, who have gone through our mentoring have been able to get into top colleges in their respective field of study. Institutions such as Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, Yale and Princeton are a few places where students have been able to secure admission.


Guidance from Ivy League Grad

Our mentor, Rishi Jalan has studied from one of the best colleges in the world and has gone through the competitive admission process. Through his experience and knowledge, you will get specialised guidance.  


Not commission based

Our business module is such that we do not take any commission from schools.  Thereby our interest lies in getting your child into the best school possible with scholarship opportunity. Unlike other agencies, our admissions are not directed by schools that give higher commission. We build our company profile from the ranking of the school to which your child gets admitted to.


How you can get started with us:

Submit the below form and we will get back to you. Or give us a call directly. Let us know how we can help you and our mentors will take care of your concerns.

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Anish Mehra - UC Berkeley - OCTOBER 2017

“BRG was THE resource for me. I received constant and personalised feedback on every aspect of my application. No matter how big or small a problem seemed, I never hesitated to contact my counsellor who helped me succeed in high school.”