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Top Six Study Resources That High School Students Need To Know About

Published on June 23, 2021


Top Six Study Resources That High School Students Need To Know About


Coming into high school can be extremely stressful. It feels like the workload increases a hundredfold and the pressure of assessments can cause great academic anxiety. It doesn’t matter if you’re in ninth grade or twelfth, the absolute confusion is prevalent. Questioning literally everything you’re doing is completely normal and nearly every single student goes through the same.

Finding your own way of doing things can be hard, but something that definitely helps is online resources. The internet is an amazing place, you can learn about anything in the world within the span of an hour and students can seriously use it to their advantage. It’s the Digital Age after all. Plus, e-learning has grown so much more popular, especially during the pandemic. So, we present you with a list of educational resources that every high school student needs to know about:

Khan Academy

Most of us have probably already used Khan Academy. It’s a non-profit educational organisation that provides students with online tools to educate themselves. It has comprehensive video lessons and other supplementary resources and exercises. It provides courses in subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, economics and more. You can learn about literally anything on the site and for free at that. Revision becomes much easier as you take external lessons outside of your classrooms, and are able to easily practice and apply the things you learn. You can learn at your own pace and personalize learning and it covers many subjects from grades K-12. High schoolers can even find free SAT practice questions and tests.


There are many cognitive benefits to learning a new language. It enhances memory, problem-solving skills, and intelligence. Duolingo is a language-learning website and app which provides a digital language proficiency assessment exam. It has enough materials for students to learn as much of a language. The bite-sized lessons are an effective and efficient way to learn a new language. It’s free of charge, though it does offer premium benefits for a fee. Learning with duolingo can be enjoyable and addictive. It gives fun exercises, through which you can earn points and level up.


Doing courses online let’s you explore your limits and see what you really like. You can also revise and learn more about a subject in your syllabus to understand it fully. Coursera works with universities and other organisations to offer courses, degrees and certification in a variety of topics. You can be taught by professors from Ivy League universities and other renowned educational institutions like the University of Pennsylvania, Duke and Stanford. By taking these advanced courses, you can enjoy learning and pass your time in a productive way.

The Pomodoro Timer

If you need help focusing and managing your time in an efficient way, this technique may be perfect for you. The Pomodoro Timer Technique is a time management technique for people prone to procrastination. You can just just get started on a project without having to think about it too much. All that’s required is a timer and a to-do. The traditional technique is working in intervals of 25 minutes with a 3-5 minute break in between, and a longer, 10-15 minute break after 4 sessions (pomodoros). This is what makes the technique so effective and the tasks less daunting. One important aspect of this technique is that when you start your timer you have to direct your attention only to the task you’re doing. This helps combat distractions and break down complex projects into smaller, easier to handle pieces. It greatly increases productivity and gives you a sense of accomplishment, encouraging you to work more in the future.


This is a resource mostly for students studying in an international board and is incredibly helpful. The website has exam papers organised by topic and difficulty. Though it does cost money to unlock certain features of the website, it is definitely worth it to have it down as one of your favourite resources. It has topic questions and revision notes that let you hear up for your examinations and it lets you learn from the best. Entrusted by top schools like Eton, Winchester and St. Paul’s, this site puts together amazing resources that help students score brilliantly in their assessments.

Google Scholar

Until recently, this resource was not known about by many but it’s popularity has increased. It is a freely accessible research engine that indexes the full text or metadata of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines. Using Google Scholar for research is extremely effective and saves time as it helps you readily locate academic sources.You can search about a wide variety of topics and materials including articles, books, research reports etc. The website offers a simple user interface and is open to the public. You can even save articles and citations you may want to use later. It is one of the best tools a student can use and has been wonderfully helpful for many.

All of these resources have aided so many people greatly. If you relate to these feelings of confusion and anxiety then you should definitely check them out to see if they could help you. It’s a great idea and comes highly recommended, so even going to the main website and reading about the resource would be a big first step.

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