Student Athlete Management


If you are a student athlete wanting to continue playing sports in college, then you have come to the right place. Whether you dream on going professional or just want to play for your school team for fun, here at The Big Red Group we help you find the right school which overall fits you best. The student athlete will receive guidance from our mentor-Rishi Jalan who has had first-hand experience of playing a collegiate sport. He will guide you personally and deduce the right plan for you to be a successful athlete.

 We have relationships with many college coaches, and in-depth knowledge of the academic and athletic requirements of each college, to determine which college provides the best fit for a college-bound Student-Athlete. In addition to the athletic team and program, we keep in account the academics, campus culture, and financial aid in the form of scholarships during your college search. 

The road to U.S. College sports has become more competitive than ever! The Big Red Group expertise in navigating through the process towards admission has brought student athletes to the top universities in the U.S.


Here is how we help you:

·       Support for athletic recruitment to colleges

·       Recruiting Resume and video

·       Player development and mentoring

·       Goal Setting, tournament scheduling and post-match analysis

·       Personality assessment test/Psychometric test for career path selection

·       Assistance with standardised test (SAT/ ACT) planning

·       Guidance on course & program selection through

·       Assistance with finalising a college list

·       Focus on resume and profile building

·       Brainstorming, ideating, and editing essays for college applications

·       Assistance with building verbal & written communication skills

·       Creating timelines and deadlines for applications

·       Preparation for admissions and alumni interviews

·       Guidance on financial aid and scholarships

Here are few sports we help our Asian athletes with:

  • Squash

  • Tennis

  • Athletics

  • Golf

  • Swimming

  • Equestrian (Only for Women)

  • Field Hockey (Only for Women)

  • Basketball

  • Soccer


Anish Mehra - UC Berkeley - OCTOBER 2017

“BRG was THE resource for me. I received constant and personalised feedback on every aspect of my application. No matter how big or small a problem seemed, I never hesitated to contact my counsellor who helped me succeed in high school.”