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Robotics Workshop For Students – What You Can Expect

Published on September 21, 2021

blog Innovation

Robotics Workshop For Students – What You Can Expect

Are you an individual passionate about science and technology? Then you should really be exploring workshops that help you answer “why” to use technology and “how”.

There is considerable evidence that students respond well in subjects that involve programming of robots and there are plenty of opportunities out there giving you a chance to create the next best technology. And if you are a teen with the right curiosity and confidence, with our robotics workshop, you have the power of defining your career trajectory.

Robotics Workshop For Students - What You’ll Learn

Biologically Inspired Engineering takes inspiration from nature and naturally occurring processes to enhance existing technologies and invent new ones. By uncovering the biological design behind naturally occurring phenomena, complex human and environmental problems are solved. Groundbreaking applications have been seen in medicine, materials science, and robotics!

In our Robotics Workshop for students – high schoolers will invent new kinds of robotic motion, beyond the general movement of walking on two and four legs. In this robotics workshop, students will work in teams to design and construct new prototypes of robots. The groups will dive into the inner biological workings of unusual creatures, plants, and processes and develop the following:

  • Quick hand prototyping (cardboard, scissors, glue)

  • Digital design (computer-aided drafting, 3D modeling, digital computation)

  • Rapid prototyping (laser cutting, 3D printing, CNC milling)

By working together, students will push the boundaries of robotic motion and further expand the limits of robotic exploration. This is a must-do workshop for young designers, entrepreneurs, makers, and inventors!

Health Wearable Tech Workshop For Students - What You’ll Learn

Wearable technology is quickly replacing conventional forms. It is a sleek, nifty, and versatile proposition. The utility factor and the form factor have opened up new arenas of inventions. Wearable tech is the next big thing!

From the popular Apple Watch, which lets you monitor daily fitness and read emails, to Voltaic System’s Solar Backpack that powers up your electronics and charges them on the go – wearable technology is surpassing all horizons. Not to mention futuristics innovations such as Baubles and Bangles, a personal air purifier, worn on the wrist, that cleanses the air, or the Valedo Back Therapy product, a gaming technique, to help people with back pain. In the healthcare industry, wearable technology is readily being used to overcome problems and enhance people’s everyday life. Are you ready to make the next breakthrough product in wearable tech?

In the wearable tech workshop, students will develop the next generation of health-focused wearable tech products. Using innovative textiles, materials, and technologies, our students will learn how to design wearable tech products that will improve the lives of people, patients, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. These devices will enhance the capabilities of healthy individuals, as well as assist those who suffer from physical or neurological disorders. Based on the user group and medical challenges, students will design, build and program wearable tech products from the ground up, test them and see their performance.

Students Will Learn:

Students will learn the basics of electronics, micro-controllers, computer programming, engineering, 3D modeling, robotics, and programming skills. You will also learn how to integrate external sensors (from simple switches and buttons to heat/temperature, light, gas, touch) and actuators (such as motors, lights, speakers, solenoids, valves, fans) into their designs.

The Big Red Group & Our Tech Workshops

Expert Mentors From MIT & Harvard

Students can build connections with mentors and leading experts from MIT and Harvard. These mentors provide daily feedback, challenge them to think in new ways and encourage iteration. 

Student-Directed, Real-World Learning

Real-world studio topics, such as Designing During a Crisis make their work relevant. Using their creative skills, students come up with ideas and develop projects that aim to improve the lives of others. 

3. Access To Dynamic Platforms

Students get access to digital platforms and are guided by experts throughout, moving from activities, relevant tutorials, inquiry, and exploration, leading to a final project.

Building a robot is a challenge, especially when you don’t really know where to start and robotics workshops, designed exclusively for high school students, are a good start. Here you will find people who are doing something similar to what you are doing. 

The world is full of creative people and our robotics workshops are one of the places to find & collaborate with them. Share your ideas in the comments to get started.

The Big Red Group and our Ivy Early Entrepreneur Program

In our entrepreneurial workshop – Ivy Early Entrepreneur, students go through the process of business development and leave the entrepreneur program having completed a business model canvas, competitive analysis, financial model, minimum viable product, and a pitch deck.

Students get an opportunity to learn from successful entrepreneurs who are alumni of reputed universities and are experts in their respective industries.

These experts serve as coaches guiding students through the processes of developing a business concept. Risk-Taking, Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Communication &

Storytelling, Design Thinking & Innovation, and Opportunity Recognition are a few of the key learning areas of our program.

On successfully completing the entrepreneur workshop, the guaranteed internship will be extended to all the students within our partner firms and with most of the mentors teaching the program. Students will be provided with a certificate of participation by The Big Red Group. This certificate can be used for your college portfolio.

Ivy Early Entrepreneur

11th – 17th Jan 2022

Idea Generation | Market Research | Design Thinking | Pitching

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