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Productive Things Students Can Do During The Pandemic

Published on July 14, 2021


Productive Things Students Can Do During The Pandemic

When the pandemic struck, all of us were forced to retreat to the comfort of our homes. We spent a year being careful and social distancing.


When the pandemic struck, all of us were forced to retreat to the comfort of our homes. We spent a year being careful and social distancing. And now, with the new strain of the COVID-19 virus that has erupted in India, we might have to pass another year or so keeping safe in our homes.

Boredom has grown quite prevalent in this era, especially in the case of teens and kids. We can’t meet our friends, go to the mall or even the park. So, in this time of utter disarray, here’s what students can do in the lockdowns:


Courses are an extracurricular activity that help you keep boredom at bay. Choosing to learn more about a subject you’re interested in only furthers you on the path to success. You can broaden your horizons and have fun at the same time, what’s not to like? Webinars and sessions such as these allow you to learn new skills and ways of thinking, while giving you feedback on your previous shortcomings so you can improve. These courses and workshops let you engage with new people who most probably share similar interests. This way, you can make new friends and further your social skills, too. Plus, furthering your extracurriculars like this shows colleges that you’re actually interested in a subject and are serious about it.

Sparkling up your resume like this is definitely an advantage and could land you in the university of your dreams. One other possible benefit of courses is that they can help you realise whether you truly want to pursue a field of study. Knowing what your passion is is a big part of life, and these realisations could possibly help save you money and time. So, taking part in courses and workshops doesn’t only keep you busy but it also offers you multiple other benefits that are too attractive to ignore!


Internships for high school students can be considered similar to courses in terms of their benefits, but are different in their own way. An internship is an official programme that is offered by an employer. Internships let high-schoolers and college-students gain valuable work experience that would be otherwise hard to acquire at such an early age. Interns have the opportunity to apply acquired knowledge to day-to-day work experiences, first-hand, fully preparing them to enter the workforce post graduation.

Further through internships, you can explore a career path, and gain confidence in your chosen field of study. They allow you to decide whether the field is right for you and make mistakes in a safe environment, where they are expected. By developing and refining new skills that you gain during the internships, you can give yourself an edge in college applications and in the job market. Even virtually taking part in such experiences, you can learn countless things both from your superiors and your mistakes. Internships provide you with the opportunity to learn from the people around you, ask questions and impress. They are surely a great way to have fun and take advantage of the free time you have available as they will greatly aid you in the future, too.


Finding ways to pass your boredom need not only include extra-curricular activities. Hobbies are a way for you to creatively express what you’re feeling and enjoy your time. They allow you to take a break and carve out time to devote to what you want. Losing yourself in a good book, or immersing yourself in an artwork can keep you productive and instil you with a sense of purpose while having fun. Hobbies benefit you mentally by decluttering your mind and letting you be in the moment. They take you away from stressful thoughts and situations, and their productive nature keeps feelings of guilt at bay. They help you practice mindfulness techniques without even realising it and are a great way of keeping yourself occupied. Physical hobbies such as badminton, yoga, dancing or other sports keep you in shape and provide countless health benefits. These activities keep us active and result in increased confidence and energy levels. Lastly, hobbies can open up your world by stretching the limits of your imagination. They satisfy a curious mind and help you learn new ways to improve. They are one of the best ways to show your passion and leadership in your professional life, and hence are a very advantageous way to chill out.

Social Work

Social work is a way to not only benefit yourself, but also others. Spending even an hour a day focusing on how you give back could possibly change someone’s life. It helps you increase your emotional intelligence by exercising empathy and the practice of giving. You can build unforgettable relationships and learn essential people skills. So how exactly do we engage with it? Well, you can opt to lead a social project . This can provide you with new skills such as long-term commitment and the ability to think on the spot. Even if you only participate in one, it can be highly beneficial as you learn to overcome obstacles and work in a team. Further, doing social work enhances self-esteem as giving back and driving change can make you feel good about yourself. It gives one a sense of accomplishment and is extremely rewarding. Educating yourself in these skills at an early age cements them forever. Occupying yourself by doing social work like this helps everyone learn effectively and is an unparalleled way of passing your boredom.

There are so many things and so many ways to do them, and we’ve only listed a few. Going out there and simply looking for experiences such as the aforementioned is an important way of keeping yourself constructively busy. Co-curricular activities help in the holistic development of students and assist in developing critical skills and abilities to be successful and happy in the 21st century life and workplaces. Plus, you can have so much fun while doing them. Now, it’s your choice whether you want to succumb to boredom or try to be a busy bee.!

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