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Poetry & its Importance: beyond the field & space of arts

Published on July 23, 2022

blog poetry

Poetry & its Importance: beyond the field & space of arts

Most people consider poetry to be just a form of art. But, only a few think of poetry as an expression in the form of words, syllables, rhythms, and sounds. It is arguably the oldest form of expression or art form (as one calls it), dating back thousands of years.

The Origins of American Poetry

Poetry first began during the caveman times, as seen in the cave paintings in Laurex, France. It has traveled, becoming immensely famous in the West, especially in America. 

American Poetry first arose as American colonists’ efforts to add their voices to English poetry in the 17th century. It has now become an essential part of their literature books. Every 1 out of 10 people in America learns poetry, making it culturally famous amongst themselves and for people worldwide. 

But why is American Poetry still so intact and famous, unlike the rest, which is gradually disappearing? It is often believed that Americans consider poetry to be important as it helps them understand and appreciate the world around them in a better way. It helps in biding their culture and showcasing their history, usually confined to museums. It is often believed that there is something about the human truth which is best expressed through poetry, as it has the power to reach us both emotionally and intellectually. This is very well evident in American poetry, as Americans, even in the past, have used to express their true feelings on some historical evidence through reciting poems. This includes any demise, happiness, or mourning, like the 9/11 act of president Lincoln’s assassination. 

Why is Poetry Important?

But the pertinent question that lies is why is poetry so important to us? Poetry is perhaps one of the most versatile literary forms since it conveys great emotion, lyrical aesthetics, and a story. It is just like a midpoint between songs and stories, and poetry is evident in our daily speech. It uses words known to all of us but in a sequence and order that surprises us from our everyday speech rhythms and linear thought processes. Its effect is to illuminate our lives and breathe new life, new seeing, and new tasting into the world we thought we knew. 

Moreover, it allows children and adults alike to explore the subject of the English language. Mixing words in sentences to find the right fit creates a sense of rhythm and flow. Poetry is real. We have written it to express genuine emotion that is usually hidden. Poets write to show that people have felt certain things before that someone else may be experiencing at another time. A poem allows you to see beyond the surface. Sometimes this is done through metaphors or other abstract ways, which cause you to think. Beauty can be expressed, and art can be perhaps emphasized through poetry. 

Poetry is like a life lesson, as it makes you emphatic towards people, social issues etc. Furthermore, it shed’s a “sideways” light on the world, so the truth sneaks up on you. In a very metaphorical sense, I believe poetry is like a counselor that helps us understand one another. Leading us away from hate to love, from violence to mercy and pity.

Moreover, poetry is a kind of multi-dimensional language. It is directed at the whole person, not just at his understanding. It must involve the reader’s senses, intelligence, emotions and imagination. This not only helps people understand one another, but also wider their knowledge and understanding using emotive language. 

Finally, poetry also helps develop biologically as it is scientifically proven that poems help in the relaxation of mind. It helps in the expansion of the brain, which opens the chamber to new thoughts and perspectives, which is not only englighting but also comforting and soothing. 

So, why join this Poetry in America Intensive programme? Well, I think it is pretty clear how important it is to learn poetry, and after this, I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss this great opportunity! You get to meet and learn from experts you’d never want to miss. 

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