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My Internship Experience: The Big Red Group

Published on July 28, 2021

blog Internship

My Internship Experience: The Big Red Group

Name: Fiza Kazim

Highs School: Mayo College Girls’ School

College: Symbiosis School For Liberal Arts

Believe it or not, internships for high school students aren’t just about fetching coffee and photocopying documents. They are extremely beneficial for networking, acquiring experience, and ultimately landing that ideal job in your field.

Getting real-world experience working for a genuine company is an important part of your undergraduate education. I have received my fair share of that during my internship at The Big Red Group. From landing the internship, completing my tenure and joining back – it has been an extremely wholesome experience for me. Through this blog, I’ll share my experience as well as some advice that may be useful to you during your internship.

How Did I Land The Internship?

Being a fresher in college I was unaware of many internship opportunities. So, one day I decided to seek help online. I posted about my educational background and interests on a Facebook group called Network Capital. 

Interestingly enough, this group has a network of more than 60 thousand employers and employees searching for one another. Our founder & CEO Rishi came across my post and asked for me to get in touch with the team at the Big Red Group. 

Upon Interviewing and deliberating on my interests and skills further, we even discovered that we shared our alma mater – The Mayo College. The excitement to learn and apply my skills to ongoing projects further helped me get this internship. Thus, right at the beginning of my career, I understood the importance of networking and putting myself out there. 

Tip: Several other groups, such as Network Capital, allow you to post your interests along with a brief comment about your readiness to work. Putting yourself out there in a sea of experts can be intimidating, but we must remember that, for them, we are young and confident leaders who are go-getters and aren’t scared to grasp for prospective opportunities in their sights.

What Does The Internship Entail?

My internship at the Big Red Group is class-leading. It allows me the freedom to apply myself to everything and anything that I’m excited to learn. With no limits to the role, it makes the experience wholesome and exciting than most niche internships offered at other places. A typical day in my life would consist of researching; working with the marketing and the social media team, ideating, and most importantly meeting super cool leaders in different fields during our various workshops and programmes. With this internship, I understood the challenges and goals that a young company has to go through to capture a market. 

Tip: Internships give you the opportunity to discover and explore everything you can in a professional setting. Remember, now that you’re being treated like an adult, it’s time for you to take responsibility for yourself! Furthermore, no one will come up to you and ask you what new tasks you like to take on. So, be straightforward and speak for yourself!

Best Part Of My Day?

With all the work being online during the ongoing pandemic, the camaraderie of sharing common office space has inevitably gone for a toss. However, things are different at the Big Red Group. With fresh jokes and energized spirits, the morning briefings are undoubtedly the best part of my day. 

What Difficulties Do I Face?

I believe that one of the recurring issues I experience, after interning for more than six months, is prioritising. Work will often come at you from all directions, which can be overwhelming. As a result, I recommend keeping a tracker and prioritising your tasks so no matter how late you are, you are on time for your next deadline.

Advice For Future Interns?

  • Take risks. Try something new. 

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

  • Keep an open mind and positive attitude.

  • Always take initiative in everything that you do.

  • Make a log of anything new which you have learnt at the end of each day of internship.

  • Talk to new people and make connections, be it managers, seniors or fellow interns.

To sum up my experience at the Big Red Group, it was simply wholesome. Lastly, It makes me extremely happy to see young high school students interning and learning under the supervision of our team – led by Rishi, Khushboo, and Nimish – at such an early stage in their professional lives!

The Big Red Group and our Ivy Early Entrepreneur Program

In our entrepreneurial workshop – Ivy Early Entrepreneur, students go through the process of business development and leave the entrepreneur program having completed a business model canvas, competitive analysis, financial model, minimum viable product, and a pitch deck.

Students get an opportunity to learn from successful entrepreneurs who are alumni of reputed universities and are experts in their respective industries.

These experts serve as coaches guiding students through the processes of developing a business concept. Risk-Taking, Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Communication &

Storytelling, Design Thinking & Innovation, and Opportunity Recognition are a few of the key learning areas of our program.

On successfully completing the entrepreneur workshop, the guaranteed internship will be extended to all the students within our partner firms and with most of the mentors teaching the program. Students will be provided with a certificate of participation by The Big Red Group. This certificate can be used for your college portfolio.

Ivy Early Entrepreneur

11th – 17th Jan 2022

Idea Generation | Market Research | Design Thinking | Pitching

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