Ivy League Admissions Submit

Ivy league Summit .jpg

In the ever-competitive university admissions world, it is not enough to just get high SAT/GMAT/GRE scores. Top global universities recognize that an exceptional candidate not just has a great academic background, but also has other critical skills such as leadership, team work and a sense of purpose.

Ivy Admissions Summit is an attempt to share an insight into how admissions officers review applications and what sets students apart through an opportunity to speak directly with graduates from Ivy League & other top global universities.

Through panel discussions and Q&A sessions, the speakers would respond to questions on an applicant's mind. Our goal is to leave the applicants feeling empowered by sharing information on developing a pre-application strategy, writing powerful essays as well as how to finance your degree .

The event is open for high school students, parents, college students as well as young professionals looking to study abroad at the undergraduate or graduate level. So we would request you to share this invite widely, so applicants could benefit from this opportunity.