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Harvard YLC Leadership Conference

Published on February 17, 2022


Harvard YLC Leadership Conference

Harvard Youth Leadership Conference
Gurgaon, India

Designed and curated by Harvard Professors and taught by Harvard Mentors, YLC helps students gain the confidence, leadership skills and global perspective you need to lead change within your local and global community.

In-Person Conference

Curriculum Design and Certification by

Host School

New Delhi to Gurgaon, India

Curated at the Leadership Institute At Harvard College, YLC helps students gain the confidence, leadership skills, and global perspective you need to lead change within your local and global community.
In-Person Conference
26th June –
30th June 2023
8:00 am to 4:00 pm IST
Grade 8 -12
Age 13 -17
15th June 2023
INR 80,000 +
18% GST

Priority Deadline

25th April 2023

26th June –
30th June 2023
8:00 am to 4:00 pm IST
Grade 8 -12
Age 13 -17
15th June 2023
INR 80,000 +
18% GST

Priority Deadline

25th April 2023

Priority applicants would get preference in their admission to the course. The conference will run offline at The Shri Ram School Aravali.

Exclusive Opportunity for Shri Ram School Scholars: Avail a Prestigious Scholarship Fee of INR 70,000 + 18% GST

Unleash the leader in you!

Conducted by Harvard Mentors, the Harvard Youth Leadership Conference transforms highschool students like you into the confident problem-solvers, collaborators and communicators, who will solve global issues and lead the change of tomorrow.

Over the 5 day course, students work in a mentor-led group to understand a global issue – whether it is climate change, mental health, or poverty – and develop a social change project to address it. On finishing the program, there is an opportunity to receive mentorship for an entire year, to implement their project.

What makes the workshop unique is that our mentors are not lecturers, but current students of Harvard University who have garnered invaluable experience and training at a young age, and know what it takes to implement social change. But perhaps more importantly, they understand the nuances and challenges of growing up in the 21st century. Hence, they break down intimidating age-based authority structures and become relatable advisors and friends to you, through a plethora of hands-on activities!

The workshop is in extremely high demand and has traveled across the world to places like Japan, Myanmar, Colorado, Dubai, and Puerto Rico.

Gain Leadership
Skills that Lead Change
Innovative hands
on curriculum
A Certificate
of Accomplishment
1 Year Free Mentorship
from Harvard College
Develop a Social
Change Project



Focus on what constitutes leadership, Introduction to social change projects and change based reflections. Empathy, Self-Awareness, Trust, Discernment and Positive Attitude


The Leader in
Each of Us

Look into what kind of a leader you are, map out your personality and understand smart goals. Creativity, Innovation, Design Thinking, Organisation, Conflict Resolution and Planning


Leading Alongside

Learn about different situational leadership styles, negotiation and problem mapping. Negotiation, Communication, Cohesion, Clarity, Adapting and Courage
learn to


Leading by

Analyse various leadership videos and TED talks to understand the nuances of leadership. Community Building, Project Planning, Task Management, Team Dynamic Analysis


Leading with Your Voice

Develop your public speaking skills by deep diving into elevator pitches, debating and defending your opinions. Confidence, Presentation Skills, Task Management and Teamwork


Preparation and Introspection

Reflect with a special focus on letter writing to self, understanding narratives and working on your final social change projects. Self-Reflection, Confidence and Encouragement

Who Should Participate?

Meet your Harvard Mentors

YLC is led by Harvard undergraduate students who are leaders in their own communities. Differentiating this program are the student teachers and their youthful perspective on leadership development. Reliable and relatable, the teachers serve as advisors and friends to the students, breaking down intimidating age-based authority structures. With tremendous enthusiasm for both teaching and learning, the teaching team constantly learns from the students, adapts to their interests and needs, and builds lasting relationships that continue after the program through formal and informal mentorship opportunities.

Words from those Who Took the Course (And Loved it)

Real-life Social Impact made by our Change makers!

Our students get the unique opportunity to implement actual change in their communities during and beyond the duration of our program. From crowdfunding for underprivileged school children to launching campaigns against sexual violence, check out a few of our change makers’ projects here!

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