Educational Workshops & Programs


One of the main verticals of our company is to bring in top universities from around the world to India with educational programs and workshops. Such programs give an opportunity to students to learn, grow and get motivated from counsellors coming from the best universities of the world.

Students need soft skills along with academic skills to be job ready or college ready. At The Big Red Group we nurture those characteristics that help shape and mold individuals. Through innovative and fun activities at workshops, we help nurture self-confidence, team-work, motivation, leadership, problem solving, critical thinking, public speaking, to name a few. We have developed programs that build such skills and give students an insight to their strengths and weaknesses.

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 Some of our previous programs and workshops:

  • Harvard YLC Entrepreneurship and Leadership

  • Harvard Leadership and Social Change Conference

  • Ivy League Summit

  • Admissions chat at Michael Kors