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Top 5 Ways Students Can Utilise Their Time Effectively

Published on June 29, 2021

blog Productivity

Top 5 Ways Students Can Utilise Their Time Effectively


Oftentimes, students find themselves perplexed about what to do with their time. Only recently exposed to the real world, these adolescents have to suddenly find a way to balance their social life, academics and personal time with only a limited amount of energy. Most teenagers have preferences regarding the aforementioned and so decide accordingly. Some succumb to the burden of parental or academic pressure and put their preferences aside to focus on their studies. During the time of the pandemic, these feelings have heightened even more and boredom has peaked. There’s nothing to do and with feelings of disorientation all around, all leads to one question: what do we do?

Answering this question mostly depends on the person, their inclinations and priorities. All others, even our parents and teachers, can really do is suggest. At the end of the day, we’re the ones who make the final decisions. So, to guide students through this phase of doubt and uncertainty, here are some suggestions::


Working out may sound exhausting. I mean we’re already doing so much every day, why do we have to exercise? And if we’re trying to conserve our energy, isn’t spending it on physical activity the opposite? Well, it really depends on how much energy one spends. While some people like to do intense training, some are more into the mindfulness side of exercise like yoga. Even if one spends a lot of energy on physical exertion, it’s energy well spent since working out has many direct and indirect benefits. Not only does it help you reduce your risk of heart diseases and certain cancers, it also benefits your mental health – decreases stress! – and makes your brain sharper.

One actually doesn’t need to take too much time out for exercise, even 30 minutes a day is perfectly fine. They can try to incorporate it into their daily routine by making it more fun and tracking their progress for motivation. All in all, exercise is a quite beneficial practice and it helps you clear your head more than anything. So, it’s definitely one of the places where you should put your energy.


For those of us who don’t enjoy physical exertion whatsoever, there are other alternatives as well, such as trying out new hobbies. These can literally be anything. Playing the guitar, painting, singing, writing, designing etc. Another benefit is that you will most probably end up doing what you want to, not what you need to. Hobbies provide a creative outlet for all and are one of the best forms of expression. Truly engaging with something you enjoy and letting yourself go can reduce stress, and improve creativity and even your academic performance. These new experiences help teenagers step out of their comfort zones, which can actually allow them to find their passion. Plus, you become a much more interesting person if you have some hobbies. They enrich your perspective and let you leave a memorable impression on those you meet. Hobbies are a great way to spend your energy, and some barely require any, so you should definitely go out there and see what you like!

Building Your Profile

It’s never too early to start thinking about college. If boredom strikes earlier in your adolescent years for you, building your college profile might just be what you need to succeed. While studying or doing co-curriculars can sound draining, finding something you seriously love can make it so much more fun. The advantages and opportunities are endless once you start, block by block, you can create something amazing that will increase your future potential. And, through this profile you can put across your true, authentic personality. It takes energy, sure, but if you have fun while doing it, it is incredibly advantageous and hence, definitely worth it.


The likelihood of your friends also being very bored is extremely high. Most probably, you’re not alone in your exhaustion and have other acquaintances and confidantes who feel the same way. Hanging out with your friends is extremely entertaining. You can do so much in online settings, play video games, listen to music and even watch shows through extensions such as Netflix Party. Most of the time, you end up making memories and inside jokes that live on forever. These irreplaceable moments are something definitely worth spending your energy on. Additionally, socialising can help with your mental health and self-esteem too. Spending time with people we care about often helps us get an external perspective and prevents thought-spirals! We dream, learn, grow and work as a part of a society while socialising. It can definitely act as an amazing alternative to spending your days lonely and bored.


It might seem counterintuitive to suggest this after the above options but sometimes, a lot of people just want to do nothing and that’s okay. Being by yourself and just relaxing is often the best thing you can do. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking some time out for yourself and no reason to feel guilty about it. Focusing on yourself and your health-mental or physical-may just benefit you even more in the future. Easing up reduces stress and anxiety but it also helps lower your heart rate and reduce chronic pain. This helps us eventually gain a clearer and calmer mindset, which can make us more productive and efficient. Further, just being alone for a little while can even allow you to find your real personality, separated from most external pressure. When you’re close to being burnt out, relaxing is the most productive thing you can do for yourself in the long run because you’re preventing future roadblocks by taking out time for yourself! It alleviates your stress, pain and confusion; sometimes the best way to utilise energy is to simply let it rest and build.

So, there’s a lot of choices but informing yourself about things like this is the first step towards becoming more and more efficient as each day passes. It may still be very hard to decide but all someone can really do is try. Don’t worry about failing, remind yourself that even that is a part of increasing your potential and at least, you attempted to do something you wanted to do. Putting yourself out there and trying out some of these might just increase your future potential a hundredfold. All it requires is for you to learn how to use your energy properly.

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