About Us


What we do?

The Big Red Group is an education firm based in India that hopes to build, assist, and help young students. We go beyond the formal education by providing foundational skills critical for personal growth. We facilitate students to think, communicate, collaborate and eventually lead.

The Big Red Group has three broad areas where we work with our students:

  1. Educational Workshops and Academic Programs - We believe that the real education begins outside of the classroom. The BRG brings the top educational institutions from around the world to the most progressive high schools across the country. The workshops and programs focus on the passion and interest of each child and nurture their social or entrepreneurial journey outside of the classroom.

  2. Personalised Mentoring - The mentoring at The Big Red Group is designed for students from grade 9-12. Our focus is to enhance and develop unique characteristics in each student according to their own strengths and weaknesses. We help and nurture those qualities at their nascent stage and make sure that the student does not only focus on the college applications but also build their character.

  3. Student Athlete Management - We at the BRG believe that sports for any student is critical for their development as a student. If you are a student athlete wanting to continue playing sports in college, then you have come to the right place. Whether you dream on going professional or just want to play for your school team for fun, here at The Big Red Group we help you find the right school which overall fits you best. Our founder, Rishi Jalan, was a recruited athlete to Cornell University heads our mentorship for student athletes.

We give young students the tools to become innovators in the fields of leadership, entrepreneurship and critical thinking. We offer the foundational skills critical to achieve academic and personal success.

We are passionate young mentors at 'The Big Red Group' and we focus on helping every family find the right university for their child. It is not always the university with the biggest reputation, we like to look at a college as a person with its own personality. In order to find this match, it is extremely important to make the US university experience the one that you’ll never forget from an academic, athletic, and personal point of view.


Who are we?


Rishi is a graduate from Cornell University, NY, USA where he majored in Economics and Government and competed for the Cornell Varsity Squash Team for 4 years. He is also a graduate from Mayo College and Phillips Academy, Andover, USA where he won the New England Champion and was named All Scholastic Athlete by the Boston Globe. He is a national level squash player and loves to explore new eateries and write short stories. He also writes blogs for dailies like The HuffingtonPost and Education Times, Times of India


Manit Jain, Cofounder, Heritage Group of School

Vishnu Karthik, Director, Heritage Group Of Schools