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5 Reasons to join the Harvard Leadership Bootcamp!

Published on July 22, 2022

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5 Reasons to join the Harvard Leadership Bootcamp!

If you are looking to strengthen your leadership skills and learn more about them, the Harvard Leadership Bootcamp brought to you by The Big Red Group, is the best fit for you! Keep reading to find out why!!

1. First offline program after 3 years!!

After 3 years of hosting our programs online due to the pandemic, we are finally back with an offline one! The Harvard Leadership Bootcamp brings in the brightest undergraduate students from Harvard to mentor students in an intensive 2 day Bootcamp. They aim to transform the idea of leadership from a one-sided theoretical lecture into a fun, collaborative and empathetic life skill and turn high school students into effective leaders. This is going to be a level up from all our previous programs and you do not want to miss out !!

2. Learn from the young Harvard mentors from the Leadership Institute at Harvard College!

The Bootcamp will be presented by 9 mentors who are members of The Leadership Institute at Harvard College- a student organization devoted to fostering the awareness, skills, and values of leadership among Harvard undergraduates! LIHC aims to inspire and empower students to fulfil their leadership potential at Harvard, in their communities, and their world. Consequently, these 9 mentors are thoroughly trained and have garnered immense experience with leadership at a young age. They strive to create an open-minded and relatable atmosphere, where our students are not dictated to but actively participate in the process to define what leadership means. They will serve as advisors and friends to the students, breaking down intimidating age-based authority structures and treat you not as blank canvases waiting to be filled, but as bright youngsters with insightful perspectives of their own, that are just waiting to be realized by the rest of the world!!

And more!..

3. Learn how to navigate challenges with confidence and poise.

Students will learn invaluable lessons in problem-solving, innovation, negotiation, teamwork and more, which will better equip them to navigate challenges with confidence. 

Let’s see what Neeraja Asnani of Shiv Nadar School- a student who has been trained by a few of these mentors in the past- has to say about her biggest takeaway: “I learnt how to be a better leader and how by using the root cause analysis I can find a solution to each and every problem!”

Our students leave the Bootcamp as empathetic individuals who can gauge people and problem-solvers that can find a way out of any challenge!

4. Become a confident communicator and master the art of public speaking.

The Bootcamp will develop the students into confident speakers both on the stage and in conversations by deep diving into elevator pitches, and learning to debate and defend their opinions. Being around the brightest students from across the country, that too in an offline setting will facilitate sharing of ideas, perspectives, and collaboration and will subsequently strengthen communication skills!! The skills of public speaking and communication hence imbibed from the program will ultimately prepare students for their college, and career, as well as aid their networking in general life.

5. Say goodbye to lectures and learn through interactive activities!

Leadership isn’t a rigid concept; it is an ever-evolving idea that means different things to different people. And as such, it can’t be taught through rote teaching and memorising. That is why at the Bootcamp, we ditch one-way lectures and invigorate your unique thought process through a ton of out-of-the-box activities! From plane crash role-plays to writing letters to your future self to designing your dream party; learning has never been more fun!

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